Subscribe now

The shift by customers from buying products towards subscribing to services will continue in a rapid rate in 2017. It becomes relevant in nearly every industry, owning becomes using. From a company point of view it will require a shift towards recurring revenue subscriptions. This not only by changing the pricing and call it a service, but by … Continue reading Subscribe now

Smartportal in smarter healthcare

In smarter cities, we have a specific theme called smarter healthcare. Smarter healthcare results in improved quality, reduced costs and access to timely care. By using technology to improve the efficiency of new and existing services and resolve the challenges the city has in relation to health. This in a city were the population demographics are … Continue reading Smartportal in smarter healthcare

Smartportal in smarter industries

Smarter industries are industries that have a high degree of flexibility in production, in terms of products needs, volume, timing, resource efficiency and cost, being able to tune to customers needs and make use of entire supply chain for value creation. Industries becoming smarter by sharing information, this by connecting machines, products, services and people. … Continue reading Smartportal in smarter industries

Samengebracht in één automatisering-applicatie

Uw huidige IT-landschap We beginnen bij het begin. Dat betekent dat we in kaart brengen welke automatiseringsprocessen en applicaties worden gebruikt binnen uw organisatie. Wat is er al? Of wat gebruikt u al? We stellen u daarnaast de vraag waarom en vooral waarvoor u gebruikt maakt van bepaalde tools. Zo krijgen we inzicht in de huidige situatie, … Continue reading Samengebracht in één automatisering-applicatie