Flexible and result-oriented manager with broad knowledge of industry and job experience. My management style is best characterised as serving leadership: to encourage, support and enable subordinates to unfold their full potential and abilities.
Successful in bridging the gap between IT and the business. IT connected to the right integrated vision can lead to higher efficiency and above all new possibilities. To achieve this, the importance of IT must be presented and implemented correctly at every level.
Making IT manageable, comprehensible and user-friendly for the entire organisation from the board of directors to the shop floor. That is my vision.
I am passionate about creativity, innovation, transformation and concept to launch of ideas. Proactive leadership directly involved in all facets of strategy, planning, execution, and decision-making. Consulting with cross-functional teams & across an organisation, experienced in engaging with different entities/units, all through specializing in cloud-based solutions and services.
I have sharp insight on the latest trends and concepts associated with product strategy, product development, product and project management, product marketing, market research and managed services.

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Name: Roel van Geffen
Nationality: Dutch
I live in Eindhoven area, Netherlands
Email: roel@businessroel.com