Great innovative strength and agility

In order to increase the innovative strength and agility of an organization, business and IT need to work together. The alignment between these stakeholders, in which they work together in a synergistic way, is much needed for the successful companies of today and the future.

Business and IT are not yet working well together. IT has the experience of being overridden by the business, the business adopts solutions outside of IT, integration of the solutions is forgotten or not sustainable realized. For example, the business blames IT that it is not creative, does not show initiative and can not keep up with the speed of the business. All this means that the speed of innovation is not optimal. The manoeuvrability is not there to respond to changes. The creativity is limited because the business and IT do not operate as a unit in a continuous alignment and cadence of solutions to be delivered.

Because IT thinks along with the business and the needs of the customer, IT can proactively present ideas. With the strategic objectives of the company as a starting point, IT can explore the market in existing solutions and what competitors do. Establish the guiding principles from which the design principles follow. Mapping the existing system landscape and the processes. Then prepare the blueprint of the future system landscape for IT. From which the roadmap and the different business tracks define the implementation projects.
The result is that the business experiences that IT is an enabler rather than a cost item. IT then can offer a well-integrated, flexible and quickly delivered solution to the business.


By customer journey mapping you bring all stakeholders together to deepen in the customer. The steps that a customer takes are visualized, from orientation to purchase and after-sales. This provides insight into the strategy and the development of new products or services. By applying design thinking, you make the idea a reality from both the IT and business axes.
Alternative is looking for new business models with the help of business model canvassing. Here you identify the relationship between core activities, the characteristics of the target group, the value you offer the various segments, strategic partners, the cost structure, revenue streams and the available channels. This will help you discover where you can offer more value and where opportunities lie.

A new way of working together between IT and business provides new, shared and supported insights. Which lead to great innovative strength and agility of the organization. Ready for the future.