Making ideas happen

For most people, coming up with great ideas is easy and there are a lot of methods and best practices to generate ideas within a company. But implementing them and making them work as a business can become difficult. Starting with the involvement of top management and helping them with improved strategic decision making. How to survive the Dragons’ Den and make your ideas happen?

There are steps you can undertake that will help you turn your great ideas into a business plan. A business plan caught in a presentation covering all the information required to motivate, involve and help decision making by top management is a quick, to-the-point means of revealing your ideas. Remember, less is more.

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  • Customers: Shortly describe the need for the ideas and the problem/challenges in the  current situation, preferable by describing a scenario or a customer journey.
  • Concept: Define your target market and (new) customers and which marketing mix is required for positioning the idea.
  • Unique: What makes the idea unique and what are the buying arguments of the customer. Describe the competition and your position compared to the competitors.
  • Feasible: Are you able to develop the idea and are you able to service the idea when operational or commissioned. Which development process do you need for successful development and what is required to service.
  • Benefit: Provide a forecast of the expected customers, revenue and profit based on your pricing structure. Provide these figures for a 3-5 year period.
  • Timing: Explain why you should develop the product now and what if you don’t develop the ideas. Provide a high level planning.
  • Organisation: Describe the major uncertainties of the development of the ideas. Which team is required to make it happen and which partners or suppliers are required.

With 7 slides and 20 minutes presentation you take the first step to make your ideas happen.