The last mile of data analytics

More and more information is coming available nowadays, through the introduction of enormous number of connected systems and devices. One would think all this data could be easily harnessed to provide reliable predictions; like during the elections and what a growing number of businesses are doing now by using data mining, correlation analysis, machine learning, recommendation engines and more.

People think of to solve the problem of gaining insight and understanding relationships between data elements that will help to inform and transform business practices. However, the result of these approaches still requires human interpretation and because of all the possible variations it requires continue tweaking of the underlying models and algorithms. There are simply too many variables for too few outcomes, Clinton or Trump.

The impact of Big Data is tremendous; it has the potential to change the way we do everything. The last mile of big data analytics is very challenging and costly to configure and customise for a specific big data challenge. The real winner of the 2016 election is not data analytics.

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