Between stability and agility

On one side the stability, predictability and control are necessary to manage risk while delivering IT. The other side is the push for agility to drive discovery and experimentation with new features, tools and technology. It’s all about balance, select the right approach for a specific initiative, taking into account business value, risks and technical feasibility.

Along with procedural and architectural aspects, it’s often the organisational part that can be more unpredictable and harder to influence. It’s the people, the leadership and the ideas that are driving the results. Build an engineering culture that emphasises both accountability and flexibility. The teams mind-sets will drive them to learn new ways of working and delivering business value and build scalable and common standards, methods and tools through standardisation. Hold daily stand-up or triage meetings to take immediate actions and eliminate bottlenecks. Create explicit goals that the team can rally behind which are linked to accomplishments or business outcome. Stimulate cooperation within the organisation, share experience, expertise and knowledge transfer across the organisation.

It’s harmonising stability and agility, a continue balancing act, to get the job done.

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