Algorithms, from data to real value

Operational and strategic decisions must be driven by data. It’s not possible anymore to do this based on human insight only. Next to this we want provide business applications with a great user experience and be innovating.

Data is more and more available within companies but how can you draw insights from it and present it in an intuitive and attractive way?
Therefor you need statistics and science to predict outcome on the data and automate business drivers. Data sometimes called the new gold, but if you have the ability to transform the data into new insights, automated decisions, improved or new services you own real value. The solution to go from data to real value is called algorithms.

How to find your algorithms? Start with knowing and identifying your company key processes. Within these processes there is data collected, used and produced. This data currently will be part of a system or systems within your company. The system(s) used can vary from paper, spreadsheets to (best-of-breed) software systems.  A clear overview of the existing IT landscape and the model on how it’s used is the starting point for the creation of algorithms.
Next to this you require insights on the presentation. How, when and in which form you will provide your employees, customers or users the new services. Services for improved workflow, management of configurations, response to events or provide information and control. This presented, intuitive and attractive, on any device and any platform of choice.

How to implement your algorithms? Smartportal automates the processes into algorithms and creates new presentations. Using ‘standard solutions’ combined with custom software, results in a complete integrated cloud-based solution. A solution that improves the operational and strategic decisions for your company. Solutions which are just that little bit smarter.