Smartportal in smarter healthcare

In smarter cities, we have a specific theme called smarter healthcare. Smarter healthcare results in improved quality, reduced costs and access to timely care. By using technology to improve the efficiency of new and existing services and resolve the challenges the city has in relation to health. This in a city were the population demographics are changing and creates new demands for solutions and services for managing citizens health.
ICT provides smarter solutions to resolve the issues rising costs, inconsistent quality, limited access to timely care in the healthcare. Based on Smartportal we provide a smarter solution so that doctors, patients, insurers and officials can share needed information seamlessly and secure. Which leads to better diagnostic tools, to better treatment and quality of life for patients by simultaneously reducing costs of (public) healthcare systems.
The current IT-landscape is created out a lot of different systems, not connected into an integrated system. Smart systems on the other hand operate autonomously and within networks, those systems are able to provide real-time monitoring, diagnostics, interaction with other devices, and communication with the environment.
ICT has a large track-record in healthcare to engage effectively with stakeholders by getting familiar with the processes, business drivers, policies and objectives to meet the needs. Next is to get a clear overview of the existing IT landscape like systems, (m-health) sensors and available data sources. Combined with Smartportal’s ‘standard solutions’ and brought together with custom software results in a complete integrated cloud-based solution that brings together the needs and multiple existing solutions in the healthcare. So doctors can collaborate on diagnoses and treatment plans safely no matter were they are. Cities and citizens can monitor public health like the spread of a disease, identify virus infections, mobilize resources and assets, educate and take preventative measures.
Smartportal improves the intelligence, costs and quality in healthcare and create new opportunities. Solutions which are just that little bit smarter.

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