Smartportal in smarter industries

Smarter industries are industries that have a high degree of flexibility in production, in terms of products needs, volume, timing, resource efficiency and cost, being able to tune to customers needs and make use of entire supply chain for value creation. Industries becoming smarter by sharing information, this by connecting machines, products, services and people. This is enabled by a network-centric approach, making use of the value of information. Information which is processed from (big)data that is collected through the use of the available proven manufacturing techniques, systems and sensors.
ICT achieves this with smarter solutions that form the connection between all the links in the chain, to enhance the quality, performance and predictability. So that questions like “How much products do we need right now?” and “What’s the status of our assets on a remote location at this moment?” are answered at any moment in time on any location. This also can help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to predict when maintenance should be performed.
ICT’s smarter solution Smartportal provides this quickly and easily on a device of choice. We help you choose what solution fits best given your current IT-landscape and integrate standard solution like industrial Internet of Thing (IoT), remote monitoring and telemetry solutions into a complete integrated cloud-based solution.
ICT has a large track-record in available and proven manufacturing techniques, from intelligent sensor down in the dirt in the field, to the cloud to machine-to-machine communication, advanced process control, robotisation, data analytics and systems for effective decision-making.
Whether you want to know tank levels in remote tanks, water usage from flowmeters, the latest info on your industrial, chemical cleaning vehicles, water levels in water wells, or anything else, Smartportal improves the intelligence, quality and predictability of the industry and create new business models and productions methods.

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