Smartportal in smarter cities

A smarter city is the result of improved quality of life and meet residents needs by using technology to improve the efficiency of new and existing services. Services that the community directly interacts with the city infrastructure and technology that facilitates the integration of multiple (existing) information and communication solutions. Data is collected from the city through the use of systems and sensors and then processed towards information and knowledge.
ICT provides smarter solutions to enhance quality, performance and interaction of urban services. Smarter solutions to reduce costs, reduce resource consumption and to improve contact between residents. ICT’s smarter solution Smartportal is developed with the goal of improving the management of urban flows, responding to events of the city and provide information and control on a device of choice. Sectors in which we have realized Smartportal solutions from which smarter cities benefit are water, logistics, manufacturing and finance.
Smartportal’s view on smart city is a city that not only possesses ICT technology, but has implemented this technology in a manner that impacts the residents. To engage effectively with residents by getting familiar with the processes, business drivers, policies and objectives to meet the needs. Then, get a clear overview of the existing IT landscape like systems and sensors and available (open) data sources, this combined with Smartportal’s ‘standard solutions’ and brought together with custom software. Resulting in a complete integrated cloud-based solution that brings together the needs and multiple existing solutions in a city.
Smartportal improves the intelligence, quality of life and create new opportunities for the city and its citizens. Solutions which are just that little bit smarter.

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